Privacy policy

Your privacy is very write my paper important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities.
So to keep your personal best custom writing information confidential, we, “Marui Business Inc.”, provide our service on the basis of following rules.

We, “Marui Business Inc.”, may request you to submit personally identifiable information (Personal Information), such as your e-mail address, name, and residential address of your own accord, so that we can proceed with the various services we perform for our customers.

To contact us about our service, you need to register your personal information. We use the information you provide about yourself only to complete our service. We will not use or share this information with outside parties or services. And as this information should be provided by you of your own accord, we will not try to obtain the information without your consent.

Our administrative organization will keep the information you provide securely. We will not use or share the information that can identify each person with outside parties without your permission. However, if we have some unavoidable circumstances such as a court asks to provide or show the information for the trial, we will do so.

In the case of sending out questionnaire or DM from “Marui Business Inc.”, we sometimes entrust the information we obtain to a third party which we consider as a qualified organization to deal with. But in such a case, we will make sure that the party adheres rigidly to our privacy policy.

On our website, there are some links for other websites. We, “Marui Business Inc.”, have no responsibilities for how they deal with personal information on their websites. If you have some questions about how they deal with it, please contact those websites directly.

To access our website correctly, we recommend the following system.
Without the recommended system or with the recommended system through the browser of your computer, it is possible that you cannot see our website correctly.

1. About our recommended browser

We have checked if our website can be seen correctly with the following system.

  • Computers with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and so on Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, Firefox 3.0
  • Computers with Apple Mac OS 10.4 and so on Safari 3.0, Firefox 3.0

With other systems, it is possible that you cannot see our website correctly.

2. About JavaScript or CSS

It is necessary to have the following browsers on your computer to see our website.

  • Set Java on.
  • Set JavaScript on.
  • Set the Style Sheet on.

If you have some problem, please check the browser setting on your computer.

3. About Cookie

On our website, there are some pages using the system called “cookie”. With the system “cookie”, once you check our website, your computer can store the record of it. This system is only to offer better services on our website, and it doesn’t have any personal information which identifies who you are.
If you would like to cancel the cookie system, you can do so in the browser setting. But without the cookie system, there may be some problem with the services on our website.

If you have some questions, concerns or opinions about our privacy policy, please send us an e-mail with your name and address at

We, “Marui Business Inc.”, sometimes change the contents of this privacy policy along the changes of our services or technology. So we recommend you to check out our updated “Privacy Policy” on this page.